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About Community Land Design

Community Land Design, Inc. was founded in the year 2000 to provide Landscape Architectural services for our growing Central Florida communities.  Paul Gibbs, Owner & Florida Registered Landscape Architect, has been serving this region with creative design solutions since 1986.  The mission of Community Land Design is to guide landowners in the creation of exciting designs to meet the ever-changing market place demands.  Some of the services that we provide include:

  • Land Development Master Planning (Commercial Land, Residential Subdivisions, Institutional Sites etc.)

  • Downtown Redevelopment Planning, Streetscapes & Public Spaces

  • Parks and Recreation Planning and Design

  • Landscape Code Plans for Commercial Site Permitting

  • Development Entrance Amenity and Signage Design

  • Custom Residential Landscape Architecture

  • Due Diligence Real Estate Site Analysis

  • Development of Region Impact (DRI) Land Planning and Mapping

  • Mapping and Presentation Graphics for Public Hearings, Marketing and Brochures

  • Photo Imaging and 3D Computer Modeling Graphics

  • Project Team Coordination and Management

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